Fare Rules

Booking conditions: None
Time reservations and buy tickets: Flexible
Combined price: Allowed between outsiders except E / P
Refund: Allowedcost 600,000 VND / time 
(Class J high season charges 800,000 VND)
Change reservationFree
Change itinerary: Allowedcost 600,000 VND / time
 (Class J high season charges 800,000 VND)
Children (from 2 to 12 years): With 75of the adult fare
Price babies under 2 years old: In 10of the adult fare and can not be used seat
Conditions for bonus miles: Calculated

Meals and drinks - Economy Class

We serve the meal services on board, Vietnam Airlines offers a lot of varied menu and the most abundant meal suitable with your culture, your demand and the flight time.

Drinks on flights are very diverse, beverage products  are offered from whisky, champagne, cocktail to tea, coffee,....Everything is ready to serve you.

Meals and drinks on flights from Vietnam to Europe, Australia

Vietnam Airlines serve 2 meals on each flight, and snack as noodle will be served between time of two main meals on your request.

Meals and drinks on flights from Vietnam to Japan, Korea

Vietnam Airlines would like to serve you the most famous dishes of the culinary traditions of Japan and South Korea on these flights. Besides, other Western and Asian dishes are always available for your choice.

Meals and drinks on flights from Vietnam to Malaysia
On the flight from Vietnam to Malaysia and return, Vienam Airlines pleasure to offer you meals in compliance with Islamic Dietary Law.

Meals and drinks on other flights

On international flight between Vietnam ( Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city ) and China ( Beijing, Shanghai, Canton), Hongkong, Taiwan ( Taipei, Kaohsiung), Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar. Vietnam Airline offer one meal about 20 to 30 minutes after departure time.

Introduce Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnam food is simply but focused on great taste, especially blending of subtly spicy, fish sauce is important spices are used commonly to make Vietnam traditional food more delicious. Vietnam Airlines pleasure to introduce Vietnamese traditional dishes on all menu to passengers on boards.

Special Meal

Vietnam Airlines offers a lot of kinds of special meals to meet the demand of personal request of passenger. However, the availability depends on each airport. Therefore, you should order special meal and get confirmation of Vietnam Airlines as soon as you buy ticket or order meals at least 24 hours before departure time.