An Dong

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

An Dong

One of Cholon’s indoor market, An Dong is very close to the intersection of ÐL Tran Phu and ÐL An Duong Vuong. This market is four storeys high and is crammed with shops. The 1st floor carries nothing but clothing, including imported designer jeans, the latest pumps from Paris and ao dai. The basement is a gourmet’s delight of small restaurants – a perfect place to lunch on the cheap.

Whenever I want to buy casual clothes or the like, I always head to An Dong Market or An Dong Plaza in District 5.

An Dong Market and An Dong Plaza are spaced only about a hundred meters apart, and are both conveniently located not too far Pham Ngu Lao.

An Dong Market, the less flashy of the two, is located in a four story 1970s style building located near the corner of Tran Phu and An Duong Vuong.

On the ground floor is a food court and stalls selling bulk food.

The bulk food stalls provide an almost overpowering aroma to the place, especially the big containers of shrimp for sale near the entrance.

And if that wasn't enough, the orange color of the shrimp shines bright orange in the overhead spotlights, making the initial entrance to An Dong Market a somewhat shocking experience for the senses at times.

Walking past the big containers of shrimp and up to the second floor though, the second floor is a shoe shoppers dream come true!

Every inch of the tight aisles and alleyways are crammed with one type of shoe or another.

High-heeled shoes, running shoes, sandals, business shoes, kid's shoes, any type of shoe you could ever want to buy can be found here.

For someone like me who has never given much attention to shoes, the variety of shoes on offer is bewildering.

However if it is clothes that you are after, then the third and fourth floor are the floors for you.

The third and fourth floors are filled with tightly packed stalls; each stall crammed with stacks of trousers or folded shirts in their plastic wrapping.

Stacked in tall piles, it is quite interesting watching the little shop girls climb nimbly all over these huge piles of clothes to get to the shirts or trousers further back.

Again, any piece of clothing you might ever need can be found here.

Women's underwear, men's underwear, t-shirts, business shirts, shorts, trousers, designer jeans, skirts, you name it and you can find it at An Dong Market.

Just down the road on the corner of Tran Phu and An Duong Vuong is An Dong Plaza.

Officially called the Windsor Plaza it is also home to the Windsor Plaza Hotel and the America Discotheque.

If you have the time the America Discotheque is a large and flashy discotheque, and has both resident and guest DJs.

And like An Dong Market down the road, An Dong PLaza is a mecca for those interesting clothes shopping.

But with its air conditioning and larger floor areas, An Dong Plaza is also a good place to buy household furniture and other items on the cheap.

You can find these mostly on the second floor, where there are shops displaying very stylish household ornaments, bedding, lighting and other such furniture.

The great thing about An Dong Plaza and An Dong Market, is that put together, there is so much variety on offer at An Dong Market and An Dong Plaza, that if you dislike shopping like I do, you can get all your shopping needs done in one painless and easy visit.

Alternatively if you do like shopping, then you will love An Dong Market and An Dong Plaza even more, and find yourself lost for hours looking for bargains, or the perfect shoes to go with your favorite shirt or blouse.